Adventure travel experience with High-wire and Zip-line in Hue

If you are a fan of adventure travel, when visiting Hue, high-wire and zip-line is a must have activity in your list. Traveling to Hue, swinging on the rope through the jungle, keeping balance on the 6-meter high cable are memorable experiences for the visitor in Hue Citadel.

Take the schedule below as a reference to make your picnic full of color and unforgettable:

Departure to Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs is located 40 km north of Hue city center. It was discovered in 1928 by Dr. Albert Sallet who explored the dry land at the foot of Ma Yen Mountain, Phong An Commune, Phong Dien District, Thua Thien Hue Province.

Not only can visitors relax in the natural hot spring but they also have an opportunity to experience the two largest adventurous games in Vietnam: Zip-line and High-wire. As a high-risk sport, Zip-line and High-wire players must obey the rules of safety and wear protective equipment including: belt, hook, pulley, and parachute. And in some cases, helmets are obligatory.

Experiencing the Zip-line - a freedom adventure game

With cable system starting from Ma Yen Mountain, Phong Son Commune, cross a 560 m long road at the height of 45 m above ground, you will feel like being winged and fly through the green forest, then land on the beautiful shores of the mineral springs.

Zip-line makes players jump out of fear of heights. The game consists of a long cable, a part connects to the top of the mountain, or the body of the mountain to create a relative height, the rest one connects to the shore or the land. Many people like zip-line because the game is quite risky.

Experiencing High-wire – the balance game on cable

Here, the game is designed with the system including three ways on the 6m long cable above the ground, the total length is nearly 600 meter, including 32 challenges.

High-wire is an outdoor game made up of multiple wood boards. They are assembled on a cable, tied into a tree or a concrete pole. On each way, one must cross obstacles with the relative height above the ground as climbing the grid, crossing hollow planks, wood bridges or cross...

The biggest challenge for players is the height and the spigot of the obstacles that sometimes makes them easily out of balance.

High-wire has recorded the biggest balance game on cable in Vietnam. Children with the height of more than 1.1m can also play this game. Tickets cost 120,000 VND per person per turn.

Showering with Hot spring water

After participating in adventure games, relax your whole body by immersing yourself in the natural mineral springs. It is known as a refreshing tourist destination in Hue. You cannot only feel healthy but also happy in mineral spring. In addition, you can also enjoy a cool, romantic space with the luxurious garden house, spa and beauty services here. Hot spring shower is 100,000 VND. VIP shower is 180,000 VND.