Exploring the beauty of Hue city with a bicycle

Unlike other bustling and busy cities in Vietnam, Hue’s attractiveness comes from its elegant and ancient beauty. Travelers usually visit this place to see the old imperial city, learn about the historic feats or immerse themselves into the great landscapes.

Have you ever tried to bike on the ancient roads, enjoy local foods or see the sunset on Tam Giang Lagoon? These activities bring you the most wonderful experience when traveling to Hue.

Take a trip to the kings’ tomb

Hue is widely famous for the majestic tombs built in the Nguyen Dynasty. This city contains 7 huge tombs which are the final resting places of 13 kings. When biking to this place, you will have a great opportunity to go back the last Vietnamese feudal dynasty.

The common feature of these tombs is that they lie in the western Hue. Each structure keeps the unique styles. They represent the Vietnamese traditional art’s development.

Enjoy the local food in Hue City

According to a study, Vietnam has around 1,700 traditional foods, in which 1,300 ones come from Hue. In Nguyen Dynasty, immigrants moved to this imperial city for settling down. That is why Hue traditional cuisine has many specialties from simplicity to luxury.

It is very hard to cook Hue traditional food. Each needs to meet all strict standards about taste and decoration. You should try the main dishes, desserts or vegetarian food to know more about its culinary history.

Enjoy music onboard the Huong River

Traditional music on Huong River is a specialty only available in Hue. This takes place every night when the whole city lights up. At this time, boats start sailing slowly up the Huong River, while singers and musicians perform their singing night. They bring the peaceful feeling which allows people to keep away their tiring lives.

Hue music afloat has been originated from the traditional one. The cultural features strongly influence on this kind of music and give it harmonious melody.

Cycling around the quiet roads

Hue attracts many travelers every year. However, the life in this city is not very busy like other tourist places. When biking around these places, you can clearly enjoy the great atmosphere in this city. You should go cycling from Hue city center to the suburb, then stop at the narrow crossroad.

See the sunset at Tam Giang Lagoon

Tam Giang Lagoon is around 12km from Hue city center. Most local people in this place earn money by fishing business. At the daylight, there is no difference between this place and other destinations. When the sun sets, the pinky color covers this whole area and makes it more marvelous. Thanks to this specialty, Tam Gia Lagoon attracts many tourists.

Visit Thien Mu Pagoda

According to Huffington Post, Thien Mu Pagoda is one of 40 best places you should not ignore when traveling to Vietnam. Constructed in 1601, Thien Mu is an ancient temple that has a huge structure on Ha Khe Hill.